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You are the greatest friend in the world!!!!! This weekend was so amazing, it feels UNREAL! I feel like I’m in a different body, and I can’t figure out quite yet how to communicate the thoughts that exist in this new brain of mine. I definitely want to hear about how your weekend was, although it sucks your mom actually kept you grounded the whole time. What’s the big deal? Really? So, you came home late once with a strange older boy? Can she blame you? Older guys are the shit! Did I tell you Ray has his own car? hehe

Friday night, he picked me up (I love saying that!!) and we went to Applebee’s for dinner. He paid, which is the first time in my life that happened. Then we drove downtown with the windows down to go walk along the pier. He was playing The Clash in his car, which automatically made me totally comfortable. It’s funny how the right soundtrack, especially an album you really know and love, can make everything se much easier. I was SO NERVOUS, then I hear, “I never felt so much alike, alike, alike…” and I know it’s corny, but it was so freaking nice.

Remember that little playground under the bridge? I totally forgot about it but then suddenly we were there, and Ray was pushing me on the swing. Then we climbed up on the jungle gym and talked and talked until he had to take me home. He actually doesn’t read as much as I thought he did, but he’s REALLY into movies. He told me about so many movies I’d never even heard of, and he knows them like line by line, every single one. My DVD player is gonna get so dizzy after this weekend spinning all the movies I need to see to catch up!

Saturday night, I waited all day for Ray to call me about the show, but he didn’t. 😦 I was feeling really bummed, but then I (you should be so proud of me) picked up the phone and called HIM. That’s when his dad told me he got called into work. So, I had my mom drop me off at the bookstore, and I hung out with him there while he worked. He has the coolest job. It’s so laid back! He snuck me a piece of cheesecake, and I spent the whole night looking through the books in the music section. I found this one you’d love that published a bunch of Kurt Cobain’s journals and even had his suicide note printed in it. It was pretty creepy, and it reminds me that each time I hear a song, I’m really hearing something someone sat down and dreamed up.

Anyway, on Sunday, my sisters and I rode our bikes to the beach pretty early, then I had to do homework all night to get ready for today. So busy! I don’t think I got a single Algebra question right; my head was definitely somewhere else! Thanks to YOU!

Clara Gordon 4 President! W/B!

❤ you


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2 responses to “Vanessa > Clara #8

  1. Oh I remember doing this! Although my notes tended to consist of 13 year old gossip and rubbish lol.

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