Ainsley > Clara #3

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Promise not to laugh at me, because I’m already feeling a little ashamed about some of the things I said in my last note. Remember how I said I didn’t really want to go to Chris’s show? Well, that was before Kevin told me he liked me.  I know, I know, I’m a total hypocrite. But he just is so, I don’t know, strong and manly when he’s drumming. It’s like he’s tapped into some other energy he never accesses otherwise. I’ve always loved watching him drum better than any other part of Chris’s band. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t dump Chris just yet! First official favor of freshman year!!

What do you think? Am I being crazy? It’s been so long since a guy has liked me, and Homecoming’s coming up, and I don’t want to go with Hank. This isn’t middle school, you know? It feels like it’s time to shake things up. Kevin was so cute when he told me, too. 🙂 He came up to my locker and was beating his hands on his chest (not like Tarzan, though). I turned around, and he was standing really close. I’m sure I blushed like a dork. Then I said, “What are you doing?” Not “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?” or even just “Hey!” No, I said, “What are you doing?” But he smiled and said he was just nervous. And I said, “Does drumming make you less nervous?” and he said, “No, but at least I know you can’t hear my heart pounding.” Then he laughed this nervous laugh that was so sweet, I can’t explain it. So then I laughed, and that’s when he said he really wanted to hang out with me at the show tomorrow. I know I can’t exactly ask you to keep dating Chris, but wouldn’t it have been fun if you guys were dating, and Kevin and I started dating?

Um, also, I have to say, I heard about you and Vanessa going to Barnes and Noble last night, and I was totally floored by how perfectly it turned out. You’re the queen of all things clandestine! For one thing, I’m shocked your mom let you out of the house. For another, I can’t believe you sat there the whole time Vanessa giggled at that boy. I’m actually jealous, because it is HILARIOUS watching that girl flirt, haha!

Write me back and tell me what the likelihood of you showing up to the show is. It’s really been a week since you guys talked? Obviously, you have to wait until it feels right, and I’m not judging you at all. We can talk more in Photography, I got to go now. That class is so awesome.


Sorry so sloppy!

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2 responses to “Ainsley > Clara #3

  1. Drummers, man. Always drummers. And bass players. Ainsley apparently did not get in trouble for spilling to Vanessa. Maybe Clara “strategically leaked” like politicians do sometimes. Clara is wily.

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