Vanessa > Clara #7

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Hey, girl, what’s up? I’m trying to keep my cool about this weekend, but it’s only two days away, and I’m just really nervous I’m going to flake with Ray. I don’t know why I always get so shy when it comes to guys. Except the idiots, of course. Maybe that’s my problem. Do me a favor and set me up with the dumbest guy in school. That way, I’ll never have to worry about HIM thinking I’M the dumb one. But that wouldn’t work either, because then I’d constantly be looking for a dimmer dude to be a better boyfriend, haha. Gotta aim high no matter what the goal is.

Look . . . don’t be mad at Ainsley . . . but she told me about you and Chris. I had NO idea you were even the slightest bit unhappy, it’s like I’ve been living in a different world all week! You know all I care about is that you’re happy, but what happened? Are you breaking up with him before the show? If you do, are you still gonna go to the show? I hate that nothing we’ve planned this year has worked out. 😦 It’s like we’re destined to have zero fun this ear. I’ll probably have a heart attack if we all actually wind up at Witt’s End this weekend. Or maybe my heart will explode before then from worrying whether Ray thinks I’m cute. I mean, I think he thinks I’m cute. As long as he doesn’t fall for Eli, I’ll be fine. I might just swear off all guys altogether if I lose another dude to Eli. It seriously is too cliché for the cheerleader to get all the guys, you know?

So, what do you think? Trick your mom into ungrounding you by Friday? I’ll buy you a latte! C’mon, Clara. Pleeeeease? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

I’m starting to get paranoid because Mr. Barlow keeps looking in my direction. I keep squinting at the board like I’m taking serious notes, hehe. Better go, though. Write me back ASAP!


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One response to “Vanessa > Clara #7

  1. Ainsley is soooooo in trouble!!!

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