Ainsley > Clara #2

(Can’t read the handwriting? Click continue reading for the typed version.)


Question: are you for real with this guy from Barnes and Noble? Vanessa is driving me nuts trying to plan for this Friday’s “encounter,” and honestly, I don’t want to waste the energy if it isn’t going to happen. You know how she always talks with her hands when she gets over excited? Yeah, well, I got smacked enough times to last a lifetime hanging out with her last night. So, seriously, is this guy coming?

And while I’m asking questions, let me get a little broader . . . Is there anything YOU’D like to tell me? About a certain boyfriend whose asinine show I’m being dragged to on Friday against my will? Because if you’re ditching him, why don’t we all ditch this lame event? I mean . . . it’s a wannabe punk rock show at a tea house. It’s a total culture clash. Plus, I don’t even listen to good punk. Why do I want to sit sipping chai listening to immature boys shout about ideas they’ve never actually thought about? I know you dated Chris for a while, but I never really got why. He’s such a tool. You’re way better than that.

Wait. Aren’t you still grounded? Your last note made it sound like you were going. Maybe I’ll try calling you tonight.

Nothing is really new with me. I’m just waiting for that magical day when I’m not surrounded by total morons. At least I have you.



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I saved all my notes from high school. This is my tribute to the tradition of passing them.

4 responses to “Ainsley > Clara #2

  1. The photography of these notes really blows me away.

  2. You’ve not transcribed the part about running away and living with the pandas. CONSPIRACY!
    Hooray you appear to have made up with Ainsley. She gets mad points from me for:

    “Why do I want to sit sipping chai listening to immature boys shout about ideas they’ve never actually thought about?”

    Wow, young punk in le nootshell.

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