Eli > Clara #6

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You are so evil. The coffee shop guy didn’t remember Vanessa at all, did he? You can’t flat-out lie to her! That’s just the incarnation of all things wicked, Clar. Hate to break it to you, haha. If you’re still grounded on Thursday, I’m going to stake out that Barnes and Noble and UN-invite him to the show! Vanessa might be a little disappointed when he doesn’t show, but at least her little olive cheeks won’t turn bright red when she goes to say hello, and he . . .  well, who knows how he’d react! Best case, they hit it off, and she gets to keep sweating him. Worst case, SHE HATES YOU FOREVER. Is this guy even THAT cute? She said something in my last note, oh God, I need to remember it, it was so good, something like, “he put the steam in her espresso machine.” That girl! I love it!

But, let’s focus on what happened LAST weekend. Basically, my night got pretty boring pretty quickly. You know what happened when we got there. Mona’s friends were all screeching for me to come into the kitchen, and she grabbed my hand. I just assumed you were following us. When we got to the kitchen, and you weren’t there, I told Mona I had to go find you, but she said you were a big girl or whatever and laughed at me in that way that infuriates me. I peeked into the living room and saw you talking to that guy from Biology, Sam? I think his name is? Anyway, you looked fine, and when I came back out, you were gone! Right then, we found out the cops were coming, and Mona told me she’d take us both home, but we couldn’t find you!! I guess that’s because you were with freaking Landon! You still owe me a full report on how you wound up in his car, of all the people at that party. I bet he thinks you’re cute! Hehe It would be kind of amazing if you dumped Chris and landed Landon! Talk about an upgrade, I think I’m feeling surrogate sweats on your behalf!

So, you’ve just been avoiding Chris, though? I agree, it is kind of chicken of him to leave that note on your locker, but what are you going to do? Just not show up? We could hide out in the art room, but he might check there. Maybe the library? Can’t wait to get you alone to hear more about your night! I’m so glad your mom can’t take you away from me during school hours. 🙂


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I saved all my notes from high school. This is my tribute to the tradition of passing them.

4 responses to “Eli > Clara #6

  1. I am beginning to suspect that Clara might be a little bit of a bad girl.

  2. I almost spilt my morning coffee over “steam in her espresso machine”! Eli is a hoot. Did she have a habit of saying “oh. My. GOD.” a lot?

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