Vanessa > Clara #6

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OH MY GOSH! Is it true? Tell me it’s true! I saw you and Ainsley at her locker this morning. And you were smiling!! It wasn’t your real smile or anything, but it was a good freaking effort! Aaaagh! I’m so excited! Now, all we need is for you to get ungrounded, and we’ll have the best weekend in the history of everything magical!

Here’s the thing, though. Did you really invite Ray to Chris’s show? Cuz if you’re not going to be there, that puts so much pressure on me to talk to him, and I’m already super nervous. :/ I just hope I don’t make a coffee joke. No coffee jokes! That’s my mantra until Friday. Ugh! I don’t know how I’ll survive if you can’t come. It tortuuuures me that you might not be there! Can’t you just pay Tendril to bang things around in your room for the night so your mom thinks you’re in there? Hey, I heard a rumor he took out Leanne Cocker to some party this weekend. Isn’t that the most insane thing you’ve ever heard?? She’s only the most intimidating girl in this school, and I mean, Tendril puts on a tough act, those of us who really know him know he’s just a weepy bag of emotions shrouded in black clothes and too much hair gel. I bet if she is going out with him, it’s only to make some other guy jealous.

Uuuuuughhhh! I can’t concentrate on this stupid English discussion. What should I do about my little coffee shop sweatfest Raaaaay? Should I try to talk to him before Friday? I get nauseous even thinking about it. Good thing coffee aids digestion. HA! Oh no… I’ve already started. No coffee jokes. No. Promise me you’ll do everything in your power to get un-grounded by this weekend? If not for Chris, DO IT FOR ME!


Sorry so sloppy  (whoops!) short!

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2 responses to “Vanessa > Clara #6

  1. Vanessa needs to eat a better-balanced lunch.

  2. I had no idea coffee jokes were a thing, but clearly Vanessa needs to drink a little less coffee. On the other paw, this is one of my favoritest notes to date, and wow the unicorn and oh my gosh really kick it off with gusto!

    Also, I only discovered the hovertext a couple of notes ago, but I lurrrve it. It’s like getting my own note!

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