Eli > Clara #5

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Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I mean, I kind of don’t even know what to say. Are you playing some kind of weird joke on me? LANDON PHILLIPS? Senior swim team captain? He gave you a ride home? What do you think you’re living in a Dickens novel? You can’t cross class boundaries!! haha He’s got to be one of the hottest guys in school! How did that even happen? I can’t believe I was at the same party as Landon Phillips, and I didn’t notice he was there! That totally says a lot about my mental state. But he didn’t make a pass at you or anything? I’m gonna need a play-by-play of how this went down. But now I understand why you’re grounded. I can just imagine Mama Gordon chain-smoking on the doorstep when her little girl comes hopping out of a strange yellow jeep two hours after curfew. Knowing you, you probably gave her no explanation either, did you? Sometimes, believe it or not, it can actually help your case to tell your mom the truth. Whatever, all of this is blowing my mind!

So, you’re really thinking about dumping Chris? I mean, if I touched the upholstery in Landon’s jeep, I’d probably be scheming up a way to get back in there, too, only maybe more to explore the backseat… haha! I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t joke. Especially since Chris is not going to take this lightly. Are you going to break up with him before or after his show? It’s a tough call, because if you do it before, it’d suck for him and the band, since he’ll be all bummed and wrecked about it, but if you wait until after the show, then you have to deal with him for a full extra week!

I can’t even believe you’re breaking up with him. Honestly, I thought if you ever did, it would be to get with Tendril. It’s weird, but well, is it me or has Tendril actually been looking really good lately? I don’t really know what’s different. Maybe my criteria for hot qualities in guys has changed haha. There’s something more convincing about his style than goofy plaid shorts. Tendril would probably glare daggers through my heart if he heard me say that, though. I’m just never impressive enough for him. It’s funny, though, because we’re in English class together, and sometimes he visibly gawks when I make a comment in class. He’s so anti-stereotypes, but he cannot fathom a cheerleader who reads in her free time. Oh, and don’t think I didn’t pick up on your secret greeting to him outside that party. Was that Leanne Cocker he was with? I guess he’s too good to date freshmen girls….

So, you didn’t tell me what you’re going to say to Chris about Saturday? I don’t want to say the wrong thing. I guess I’ll just keep quiet about it all. I’ll explain more about what happened with me in my next note. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. Write more soon, gotta pay attention to this dumb History review.


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2 responses to “Eli > Clara #5

  1. Eli, on the other paw, is one of my favorites. “Touched the upholstery in Landon’s jeep” oh yeah, no metaphor there. And of course the senior swim captain is named “Landon”. Great note.

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