Vanessa > Clara #5

(Can’t read the handwriting? Click continue reading for the typed version.)

Clara stinkin’ Gordon,

You suck. You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck! I can’t BELIEVE you talked to Hermann! Or… RAY, I guess I should say! I have to say, I liked thinking of him as a Hermann better. Ray is just so… I dunno… old man who comes to spray the house for bugs. Oh, no. I’m doing it already. As soon as any guy becomes a real possibility, I talk myself out of liking them. What is wrong with me?? Were you joking when you said he asked about me? Cuz if you were, you are the MEANEST!!!! If you weren’t, I might officially have a new king of my Sweats pile. 🙂

Anyway, more important matters-you’re seriously grounded again?? Your mom is SO psychotic. How was Chris’s band practice? Did you get to hear all their songs? I bet every song is about you, and when Chris plays, hearts come out of the amplifiers. HAHA. I just can’t imagine what you could’ve done to get grounded between Barnes and Noble on Friday and band practice Saturday! I’m assuming your mom dropped you off? I need more details! You are always so cryptic in your notes. It’s like you don’t know who else might be reading them. I swear, next time I’ll burn the note immediately after reading it, if you just promise to tell me something real, straight-out, no metaphors!

UGH! I hope you’re un-grounded in time for Chris’s show this Friday. Is Eli going to make it out? Or does she have some cheerleading/car wash/some other waste of life to go to? Juuuuust kiiiiiiddiiiiing! HAHA.

Listen. I just want to give you a heads up. Ainsley asked me if I thought it would be a good idea for her to write you a note. I said yes. I think you should hear her out. She’s been really upset by all of this, and I know somewhere deep down you must still care about that? So, just, I dunno, at least read what she writes, and if you need to talk it out with someone, I’m here.

Oh crap. Five minutes til the bell. I gotta wrap this up! I can’t believe his name is Ray. I can’t believe he knows my name. Aaaagh! We’ll have to plan a trip to B n N sometime soon. I don’t know if I have the guts to talk to him on my own. How did you do it? Why couldn’t you give me just a few more weeks in the anonymous crush phase?? You know that’s my favorite part! 😛


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I saved all my notes from high school. This is my tribute to the tradition of passing them.

2 responses to “Vanessa > Clara #5

  1. I love that robot doodle. I want that robot doodle to be my robot butler.

  2. The Loves Me/Loves Me Not Bot! 🙂

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