Eli > Clara #4

(Can’t read the handwriting? Click continue reading for the typed version.)


Ok, first things first. We have to swear not to talk about what happened Saturday night with ANYONE (except each other)!  You don’t talk to Vanessa, and I won’t talk to Ainsley. Oh man, I’m so sorry if I got you in trouble with your mom or with Chris. 😦 I tried calling you yesterday, but your mom said you lost your phone privileges. Call me tonight if you can, or write me back if you have a better plan to talk.

What do you want to tell Chris? Have you already told him something? He was acting so strange right from the moment when we got to his band practice. I’m sure he was LIVID when we just left w/o saying goodbye. Thx for being such a good friend. I’m still in awe of how that night went down….

I wasn’t ready to talk about it before, b/c I was trying to work thru it on my own, but basically, I was more confused about the Brian situation than I was letting on. The truth is, I still talk to him some nights. Like, lots of nights. Old habits die hard, I guess. So, when he just showed up at Chris’s place, I wasn’t ready to be his friend, you know, in public… yet. Does that make sense? It just really freaked me out, and I wasn’t prepared to see him at all. I was on my way to the bathroom to try and get it together when you came storming out of Chris’s room, and you looked so upset, and I was feeling so panicked. I just was so glad when you said we could leave.

You have to admit, though, hanging out with my sister’s friends was pretty cool. 🙂 Older guys are so much better than freshmen boys. Oh, crap, is that insensitive? I wish we could’ve spent just a little more time together before chaos ruined everything on Saturday. I don’t even know how you wound up getting home. I was so relieved to see you in the halls this morning. I hope it wasn’t too horrible. God, I wish we could skip classes and just compare notes from the night already. I can’t wait until we can drive!!

Listen, every second I don’t talk to you is complete torture. Write me if you can, but please let’s talk soon!


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I saved all my notes from high school. This is my tribute to the tradition of passing them.

One response to “Eli > Clara #4

  1. OOooooh I think this is my favoritest one so far. I love the eyes drawing, and the intrigue, and the totally OMG nature of the thing. “every second I don’t talk to you is complete torture” WOW how many times has everyone on the planet felt that way??

    Good schtuff.

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