Clara/Tendril #1

(Can’t read the handwriting? Click continue reading for the typed version.)

            Hey Tendrilllllll, what’s your deeeeeal today?! You seem mad. Is it something with Leanne? I’m dragggggging out my letters, because I know how much you hate it. 🙂

            Yo, Clara! Ha, I guess I am mad today but not because of any girl. Don’t really want to get into it. Basically, I’m tired of having to put some false face on so that everyone around me feels good. Can’t be happy all the time. Not like you. You can’t even write a sentence without smiling. I watched you. Sentence. Smile. Sentence. Smile. I actually have a theory about that smile. I think it’s some deep-rooted social tactic to sneak by your enemies. What do you say to that, Clara Gordon, superspy? I’m onto you. Also, I don’t hate that you drag out letters. I hate that you drag out letters that you would never vocally drag out. Get my disdain for you right.

            Whatever. Why do you always have to make everything into a conspiracy? I don’t usually say this, but I think you actually need to read less. It’s not good for you. Either that or you need to move to a crazier school. Nothing that exciting ever happens here. Nothing that exciting ever will.

            Way to not address anything I said. You’re a regular Mata Hari. Perfect evasion of the question, but I’d have preferred to see you dance. This is all probably over your head. If you ever feel like taking a break from your fantasy novels, I have a few books you can borrow. I don’t want to loan them to you, though, if they’re just going to collect dust in your room. On second thought, I bet you have the cutest dust in this town. Particles of you. ❤

            Gross, Tendril. Have you been taking creeper lessons? If you need a tutor, I recommend Chris. Lately I get weirded out about how much he talks about me. It’s like we have nothing real to talk about.

            Are you saying you’re not real?

            I don’t want to write about it. Walk tonight?

            You’re always trying to get in my pants, heh. Yeah, I’ll meet you. Chris is an idiot. I’ll bring you a book.

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5 responses to “Clara/Tendril #1

  1. Tendril has a point about the dragging out letters thing. It is annoyingggggggggg.

  2. I like Tendril. But then, I have taken creeper lessons. Moar!

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