Vanessa > Clara #4

(Can’t read the handwriting? Click continue reading for the typed version.)


Quit giving me those eyes in the hallway, you’re driving me INSANE! Crazy-eyed Clara! Just hurry up and tell me what happened, because I know something happened this weekend. You’re like the cat and the canary or whatever. All I know is that it better be noteworthy or else I’m going to stop reading your notes altogether. Hehe.

I miiiissed you this weekend! Do you want to hear what you missed? Well, whatever, I’m going to tell you anyway. Haha. First of all, Ainsley was a total bore the whole trip and just wanted to text with Hank all day. I wish Hank would man up and just ask her out already! Even if you plan to hate Ainsley for the rest of your life, you have to admit, she and Hank are so perfect, Corey-and-AJ, Yoko-and-Lennon, destined-to-be-together, undeniably-made-for-each-other. Anyway, I convinced her to leave her phone with my parents, and we went for a long walk on the strip, almost all the way to those weird water slides, you know what I’m talking about? So many guys holla’d at us, but it was fun to laugh at them and just be dumb. I bought this cute skirt, and Ainsley tried to convince this old guy to buy us some Smirnoff Ice, but he totally wouldn’t go for it. Oh well. We were pretty much the only ones not partying there. Still, there’s something so comfy about laying on the beach, feeling worn out from the heat, while the world reverberates from battleships and fighter planes, deployed for nothing except a bunch of drunk people’s amusement. At least we’re not at war.

UGH! I can’t take it. I need to know what’s up with you! Just tell me that you did NOT talk to Hermann. Did you say something to him? I’ll KILL you if you did. Like, I’m not even joking, I will plan out the end of your sad little life, attack you when you least expect it and murder the crap out of you! Or did something happen with Chris? Oh my god. Did you guys? You better have written me a note during first block. The curiosity is going to make me fail all my classes, and you’ll be responsible for supporting my hobo ass when I don’t get into college.

My parents let us play MxPx on the way home. ❤ How will I get through tomorrow when today is in my wayyyyyy?


P.S. Write me back RIGHT NOW!!!

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4 responses to “Vanessa > Clara #4

  1. Rae

    I liked this post before I even read it just because of that dragon scribbled in the corner.

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