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Well, great. Now I don’t know what to do. If you don’t come to the Air Show, it’ll just be me, Ainsley and freaking Vanessa. All Vanessa does lately is whine about how I’m too cool for her. I have never once said that being a cheerleader makes me cooler than ANYONE. It just drives me insane to always have to be defending myself. I can’t even tell if she’s jealous about me being on the squad or if me being on the squad actually somehow seriously offends her. Do you think this might be about Brian? I know she used to have a huge crush on him, but I thought she was over it when he told her he was more into me. None of this matters since, as you know, I am a free, single girl again! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I can’t really answer your question about Ainsley, because we only have two classes together, and she sits with Hank in both of them. I wonder if they’re ever going to start dating? Sorry, I know you probably don’t care. At least not right now. Anyway, both Vanessa and Ainsley are pretty distant to me lately, so maybe I’ll just stay here, and we can spend the weekend just the two of us? Unless you and Chris have plans. What’s the deal with you two? You barely even talk about him anymore, but I always see you guys all dangerously close to getting written up for PDA in front of your locker. You’re so lucky. That boy is freaking gaga for you. But not in the dorky, suffocating way Brian was with me. I can’t even believe I let him kiss me, let alone touch my boobs. Gross! He’s definitely going to wind up in my Regrets pile. I’ll tell you who’s totally in my current Sweats pile, though. Ian Hartman.  Do you know him yet? He’s in my Speech class, and I think he’s so HOT. I heard he plays baseball. He can certainly knock one out of my park any day. Or would I want him to knock it inside of the park? I’m going to have to study up at some baseball games this year, I guess, haha!

How are you doing today?

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