Vanessa > Clara #2

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Yay, it’s Wednesday! We’re more than halfway there! Weekend, here we come! It’ll just be bathing suits, buff dudes and daredevil air stunts soon enough! What’s not to love? I can’t focus on algebra when I have these thoughts in my brain. Wouldn’t it be great if we could telepathically send our emotions to teachers, and they’d have to stop everything just to understand how we were feeling? Oh god, we’d have so many nap breaks. It would be glorious!

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate not having first period with you? I wouldn’t really want to be in Health with you and Todd, though. Or Tendril. Whatever bizarre-o obsession he’s indulging in now that makes him have to change his name. I don’t even get it. Is he supposed to be some plant? If I was going to be a plant, I’d pick something exotic from someplace far away from here to be. Like a bamboo stalk. Then, instead of school, I’d be in some forest, chilling with some pandas. Oh no, now I sound like Ainsley with her unending bear love. Sorry.

But since I mentioned her and everything, I might as well ask. I know I said you had until Thursday to decide, but it would really help me to know if Ain is coming to the Air Show this weekend. My mom keeps naaaagging me about space in the car. I understand that you might not be ready to talk to her, but maybe it might help to talk to me? Do you think there is any way you can ever forgive her? Are you just not going to be her friend anymore? It would be so sad if C.A.V.E. broke up before we ever played a single show with our stalactite guitars. All of our graffiti in middle school would be for nothing!! I was thinking, though, that if we did break up our nonexistent band, we should do a reunion tour but call ourselves EVAC, to acknowledge how suddenly and without much notice that we broke all our fans’ hearts. Seriously, though, you can talk to me about Ainsley. Maybe call me tonight?

Oh . . . I forgot to mention . . . I have a new crush. I know, I know, I said I had no prospects just yesterday, but the truth is, there’s this guy who works at Barnes and Noble by my house, and the last time I was in there, he gave me my mocha latte for free! I’m probably going to go again today, but I won’t get coffee. I’ll just see if he’s working. That’s not weird, is it? I just want to know where he is and watch him exist. Sigh. I totally sound like a stalker.

Oh well!


P.S. Write me back, duh

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